Planning & Zoning

Jim Blair
Zoning Inspector (740) 967-3177 ext. 2

P.O. Box 457
599 South Main Street
Johnstown, Ohio 43031

Planning and Zoning Department

Whether you’re a developer, business owner or resident, our goal is to provide helpful information about our department. The Planning and Zoning Department works closely with other Village Staff, the Village Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Village Manager and Zoning Inspector are charged with enforcing the Planning and Zoning Code of the Codified Ordinances of Johnstown. There are many processes that are administered through the Planning and Zoning  Department. These processes include: residential subdivision review; commercial development review; zoning certificate review for new home construction, sidewalks, signs, fencing, and pools as well as providing staff assistance to the Planning and Zoning Commission for variances, home occupations, conditional uses, and plat approval.

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission shall have the power and duty to hear applications for land use, zoning classifications or districts and, as merited, to submit written recommendations for legislative action or to render final determinations for administrative action; to initiate, review and recommend legislation, rules and regulations on all matters of municipal planning, land use, and zoning classification; and to exercise such other powers, duties and functions as provided by Council.

Zoning Code

The Village of Johnstown adopted a Zoning Code in 1973. The Code was designed for the protection and safety of Village property owners. It also established particular areas of town for business, industry and residential uses. 

Comprehensive Plan

In the Fall of 2005, the Village initiated the process to update the 1990 Comprehensive Plan. The community has experienced considerable growth mostly from the Columbus area since that time. The latest population is 4806. With continuing growth pressures, mostly for residential development, and the Village’s desire to enhance its tax base with more commercial and industrial development, the Village decided to update their plan. With this update, the Village will be better prepared to address and control future growth and to encourage more commercial and industrial uses to shore up its tax base.

Johnstown Village Council approved an important update to the existing Strategic Plan at their September 18th, 2012 meeting. Starting in 2011, the Village Planning & Zoning Commission embarked on an in-house update to the strategic plan. Working with the staff, the Planning & Zoning Commission went page by page through the existing Plan to determine the areas in need of updating. What started out as a quick review turned into a twelve month endeavor to produce an update that will guide future development in the years to come. The 2012 Strategic Plan (effective October 1, 2012) will provide a updated strategic approach to achieving the community’s vision by creating a plan for the physical development of the Village as well as general policy statements of how to get there. It is a guide for developers, landowners, concerned citizens, and elected officials as they make decisions about land. This information contained in this update must be used in conjunction with the previous Strategic Plan.

Building Applications

All residential and commercial construction projects within the Village of Johnstown limits will be inspected by the Licking County Building Code Department. We recommend that you check with the County before you begin construction to see if you need a permit for the construction