Law Director

jennifer.croghanLaw Director – Jennifer B. Croghan

Jennifer is the Law Director for the Village of Johnstown. Jennifer’s experience lies mostly in litigation and municipal law. For the first few years of her career, she focused her practice on litigation in both state and federal courts throughout Ohio. Her diverse general litigation background includes business, contracts, negligence, product liability, motor carrier, wrongful death, personal injury, eminent domain, estate.  She has also litigated municipal issues including income tax, bed tax, contract disputes, employment, workers compensation, unemployment, zoning/land use, misdemeanor criminal and traffic and income tax collection. While still handling some litigation, the majority of her practice is now municipal/government law.

In her municipal capacity, Jennifer serves as the solicitor and assistant law director for the City of Canal Winchester, Village of Johnstown and Village of Minerva Park. She also serves as special counsel for Pike County for eminent domain matters. Her municipal experience includes attending public, staff, committee, planning and zoning meetings. In her capacity as solicitor and assistant law director she also advises city/village councils and staff members, drafts legislation, researches and advises clients on various municipal issues including public records law, contracts, zoning and land use, public meetings and public record law, eminent domain and employment issues.  She also conducts mayor’s court for traffic and criminal misdemeanor matters in Minerva Park and Canal Winchester.